Monday, March 28, 2011

Open your eyes, heart n mind

Everything comes for reason. Why am I decided to study medicine? Wanna be a doctor? Specialist? Well known person? Live a good life? Wanna help others? etc?

Ya, maybe thats all the reason why I choose medicine b4, but now, I found out the real  reason why God gives me an opportunity to study this challenging subject. The truth is that ALLAH wants me to open my eyes, heart n mind to know and love HIM better, much better than b4.

When I'm in the dissecting room with the cadaver, I can see the amazing way of how ALLAH created every single system and space in our body. Sometimes when revising for exam or viva, I did complained a lot- Why it so complicated? Why there are so many structures I do need to memorize?

But when I'm reflecting myself - do i learn anatomy just for the sake of exam or I really learn it becoz of ALLAH swt? When I am starting to think more n more, then I feel the different feeling if u study just to past the exam n when u study becoz of ALLAH swt. Study with IMAN will make yourself feeling so much better n it really keep you close with your creator.

Just enjoy this amazing n beautiful song.

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