Sunday, March 13, 2011

All england n a lesson i learned from it.

In my previous post, I expressed my interest in badminton. Since I didn't have the opportunity to watch the game live, so I decided to stream it online. But I so disappointed coz RTM didn't broadcast it, so I can't stream it. So, I try to find any other link but unfortunately, I couldn't find it. Feeling so bad.

I tried to post it on FB n see if any people had found the link. Luckily, one of my frenz managed to give me the link but i need to install the software first. Aigoo, the software is all in Chinese, I couldn't understand even a single word. This is so bad. Thanks GOD becoz my frenz is a chinese, so, he give me all the instruction n finally I managed to watch the game. But the channel is in Chinese, so all the commentary are in Chinese. but it doesn't matter coz i really want to watch the game n show my support to Malaysian player.

I am writing this while watching Koo + Tan vs Denmark pair. Good luck Koo + Tan!!!!
Malaysian pair won the first game (21:15). See what will happen in the 2nd game.

Moral of the story:   I should learn mandarin after this. It a such a big advantage if u can speak n understand any other language.

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